We help companies and organizations, large
or small, to:

  • Optimize energy consumption in processes
  • Reduce environmental impact
  • Improve maintenance functions
  • Increasing industrial safety
  • Improve productivity
  • Improve or replace materials and products
  • Incorporating advanced materials

Some projects we have worked:

  • Convert contaminants (eg, CO2) into useful products
  • Getting a pavement that can absorb atmospheric pollutants
  • Obtaining liquid fuels from gas mixtures
  • Improve the effectiveness of membranes for water treatment
  • Improve the manufacturing process of printed circuits
  • Improving products for the cure of clothing (detergents and softeners)
  • Water quality studies
  • Waste treatment studies
  • Optimizing public transport bus. environmental study.
  • Analytical Services
  • Training

SERVICES: Technical consulting and scientific

  • Mechanical / fractures Studies
  • Parameterization odor / emissions
  • Optimization of consumption in transport (smart cities)
  • Process control improvements
  • Systems to ensure knowledge management companies
  • Optimization of industrial maintenance management

SERVICE: Instrumental Analysis

  • Monitoring water quality control / emanating industrial
  • Waste characterization