Industrial developments

The objective of this work is to give a quick response to the needs of companies in their day to day in those areas in which the Centre has sufficient experience and knowledge. The activities are aimed, above all:

  •     Design and assembly of pilot plants (laboratory scale and semi-industrial) for determining the efficiency of processes or raw materials.
  •     Systems quantification of the efficiency of maintenance labor. Area of great interest to the industry by improving the efficiency and effectiveness that entails.
  •     System detection and quantification of odor episodes in villages near industrial sites. Area of great social impact where society-industry interaction is fundamental.
  •     System to ensure the transmission of knowledge in industrial operations. Area of great interest for the risk of loss of knowledge accumulated in the next generation of industrial workers.
  •     Development and implementation of systems that improve the efficiency of industrial processes. Area involving an improvement in the competitiveness of companies by the economic benefits that entails and brings environmental benefits associated reduced consumption of raw materials and waste generated.