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Salcy-Naphthalene Cobalt Complexes as Catalysts for the Synthesis of High Molecular Weight Polycarbonates

 Salcy-Naphthalene Cobalt Complexes as Catalysts for the Synthesis of High Molecular Weight Polycarbonates

Dr. Mónica Viciano, Dr. Bianca K. Muñoz, Prof. Cyril Godard, Prof. Sergio Castillón, Manuel L. Reyes, Mónica García-Ruiz, Prof. Carmen Claver
ChemCatChem - DOI: 10.1002/cctc.201701250

High molecular weight polypropylene carbonates were prepared by CO2/propylene oxide copolymerization catalyzed by salcy-naphthalene cobalt complexes. The introduction of methyl groups in the ortho position of naphthalene-based salcy ligands and the catalyst loading in the presence of hexane as a co-solvent were crucial to enhance the catalytic performance for the production of polycarbonates of high molecular weight.

SERS Surface Selection Rules for the Proteomic Liquid Biopsy in Real Samples: Efficient Detection of the Oncoprotein c-MYC

SERS surface selection rules for the proteomic liquid biopsy in real samples

E. Pazos; M. García-Algar; C. Penas; M. Nazarenus; A.Torruella; N. Pazos- Perez; L. Guerrini; M.E. Vázquez; E. García-Rico; J.L. Mascareñas; R.A. Alvarez-Puebla ;
Journal of the American Chemical Society, (2016) (DOI:10.1021/jacs.6b08957)

Blood-based biomarkers (liquid biopsy) offer extremely valua-ble tools for the non-invasive diagnosis and monitoring of tumors. The protein c-MYC, a transcription factor that has been shown to be deregulated in up to 70% of human cancers, can be used as a robust proteomic signature for cancer. Herein, we developed a rapid, highly specific and sensitive SERS assay for the quantification of c-MYC in real blood samples. The sensing scheme relies on the use of specifically designed hybrid plasmonic materials and their bioderivatization with a selective peptidic receptor modified with a SERS transducer. Peptide/c-MYC recognition events translate into measurable alterations of the SERS spectra associated with a molecular re-orientation of the transducer, in agreement with the surface selection rules. The efficiency of the sensor is demonstrated in cellular lines, healthy donors and a cancer patient.




Energy Solutions Inspired by Nature

Energy Solutions Inspired by Nature

Adrianna Nogalska, Kamila Szalata, Tania Gumi, Jose Antonio Reina, Marta Giamberini, Bartosz Tylkowski, Ricard Garcia Valls
Energy Today - official e-magazin of America Energy Association

During the last decade society demanded to energy providers solutions on production and storage of alternative/green fuels. The market calls for new upstream technological innovations to respond sustainably, efficiently and safely to current and future energy needs. For this reason, most of companies decided to dedicate their R&D departments to find achievable solutions to these societal demands.


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