Carmen Claver


The Board of the Société Chimique de France, during its meeting on June 23 2016, decided to award to Carmen Claver, the Scientific director of CTQC, with the 2016 SCF French-Spanish “Miguel Catalán - Paul Sabatier” Prize in recognition of his eminent works in homogeneous catalysis chemistry, especially for his discoveries in asymetric hydroformylation reactions and in nanoparticles catalysts for the Fischer Tropsch reactions.

It is also in recognition of the strong links that Carmen Claver established with the French chemists.

Fabrication and optical enhancing properties of discrete supercrystals!divAbstract
Moritz Tebbe, Sarah Lentz, Luca Guerrini, Andreas Fery, Ramon A. Alvarez-Puebla and Nicolas Pazos-Perez
Nanoscale, 2016, Advance Article

Abstract: Discrete gold nanoparticle crystals with tunable size and morphology are fabricated via a fast and inexpensive template-assisted method. The highly precise hierarchical organization of the plasmonic building blocks yields superstructures with outstanding behaviour for surface-enhanced Raman scattering analysis.



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